The 49th Military Police Brigade is a California only police brigade. Based in Fairfield, California while some of the organization unites are in Fresno California. The 49th was founded in May 2005 it trained with the Iraqi police force.

When they deployed in 2005 in Iraq but they went through Kuwait to get to Iraq from there they worked close with the Iraq police and got translation units to help them understand the Iraq language. They completed there mission in 2007 and exited Iraq.

Organization Edit

This unit works with

  • 49th MP Brigade, Headquarters & Headquarters Company – Fairfield
  • 185th Military Police Battalion – Pittsburg
    • 270th MP Company – Sacramento
      • Detachment 1, 270th MP Company – Placerville
    • 649th MP Company – Camp San Luis Obispo
      • Detachment 1, 649th MP Company – Fresno
    • 670th MP Company – National City
    • 870th MP Company – Pittsburg
      • Detachment 1, 870th MP Company – Eureka
      • Detachment 2, 870th MP Company – Mountain View
    • 330th MP Company – Ontario
    • 40th MP Company – Los Alamitos
  • 579th Engineer Battalion – Santa Rosa
    • 149th Chemical Company (MS) - Turlock, California
    • Headquarters Support Company
    • Forward Support Company
    • 129th Engineer Detachment – Lakeport
    • 132nd Engineer Company – Redding
    • 235th Engineer Company – Petaluma
    • 645th Engineer Detachment – Sacramento
    • 649th Engineer Company – Chico
    • 1401st Engineer Detachment – Camp Roberts
  • 170th Military Police Detachment – Sacramento
  • 69th Public Affairs Detachment – Fairfield

References Edit (info)

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