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Best of Sierra was a video game magazine series this was issue 11 March/April it was released in March 1999 only for Germany Austria and Switzerland. It usually features 2 full video games on CD-ROM but this issue had. 3-D Ultra Minigolf full game and return to krondor demo. Since the size of the games there was no room for two full games so they added detailed walk through's a map of a game and articles on newly developed Sierra Entertainment games.

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developed by PyroTechnix and Sierra

published by Cendant Software Deutschland GmbH

People involved Karl-Xavier Nuebig, Rolf D. Busch, Thomas Schmidt, Anja Wulfing, Oliver Funke, Ansgar Hillier, Alexandra Hustert, Marcus Hartmann, Josh Mosler, Ilga Tick, Planet Pixel Koln, Thomas Dönnecke, Birgit FröhlichStephanie GarnaultSebastian GraccoMichael JunkelNathan KaplanFrank MatzkeMiriam NauMarie‑Cecile PineauStefanie Pranz and Das Team Koln

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