Capture the flag is a game mode in most First person shooter games the objective of this game mode is to collect a flag and return it to your base without dropping it until you return to your base. It is used in Urban games as well as war games it is part of action games section.


The first recorded Capture the Flag mode in a game wasBannercatch in 1984 for the Apple II. In 1992 Richard Carr released a game called Capture the flag it was released on the MS-DOS and it was a network stargery based game. Where you have to pick the flag up like current games and return them to your base passing enemies without dropping the flag.


In current wargames like Call of Duty and Counter Strike there are hackers people who cheat in other words. They use programs which are aimbots which aims your gun at an enemy. Their is also something called Cyber Security Awareness Week where it is to stop hacking as well as a hackers convention which are both held yearly.

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