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A First Person shooter is a video game genre which the player is centered around the gun. It is in the action game category and is usually 3D now there is multilayer and many more game modes you can choose from. The first FPS can be traced to MIDI Maze in 1987 the genre got more violent in 1992 when the original Wolfenstein was made in 1992.

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FPS is a three-dimensional shooter game which features the characters point of view. Like many first person shooters the game has avatars and a range of different weapons you can choose from. Combat depends on the sub genre you have many different version of FPS like stealth tactical and many more.First person shooters have a range of different levels some are even sandbox games and in some games the player can damage everything around them. Most FPS have themes like WW2 or Urban wars like Afghanistan war. Most FPS contain a mutiplayer mode which will feature you against people from all over the world or against bots its all up to the player.

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