Fortitude Valley is a suburb in Brisbane Australia the suburb lays northwest of the city district. The Valley is known for it's nightlife in Brisbane and has a lot of nightclubs and has a population of around 5,000 people.

The Valley has a China town district which opened in 1987. There are many entertainment districts as well. There is many transport in the valley with many train lines and bus lines and there is many taxi's in the valley. There is many roads into the valley like the story bridge which crosses over water from many Queensland suburbs like Bulimba you can see the story bridge.

The voting county is county of Stanly

The population of Fortitude Valley is 5,615 69.8% born in Australia 4.5% New Zealand 4.1% England 2.2% China 1.8% Irish and 1.3% Korean.

Notable People Edit

Edward Archibald Douglas

Harriette Martha Voss

Charles Edward Chuter

References Edit,_Queensland (info)

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