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Fresno California is in the US state of California in 2016 Fresno had a population of 520,000. Making it the 5th in the state and 34th in the nation. Fresno is the center of San Joaquin Valley the name Fresno means Ash Tree in Spanish and a leaf is featured in Fresno flag.

Fresno was Native American land until 1856 when the gold rush happened it was also the year Fresno county established.

Fresno is manly White and Latino but there is also a big amount of non-Hispanic, Asians and African Americans in Fresno.

Events Edit

Fresno has many yearly events like film festivals. Here is the list of annual event held each year in Fresno.

  • Armenian Grape Blessing (August)
  • ArtHop (monthly)
  • The Big Fresno Fair Around October
  • Central California Taco Truck Throwdown
  • Cinco de Mayo at Fulton Mall
  • Christmas Tree Lane Every December
  • Fall Wine Cornucopia Usually in April
  • Fiestas Patrias at Fulton Mall Usually in September
  • Fresno County Blossom Trail Late February to April
  • Fresno Film Festival November
  • Fresno Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Pride Parade June
  • Fresno Greek Fest Late August
  • Fresno Maker Month April
  • Miss California Pageant Usually in June
  • Reel Pride Gay & Lesbian Film Festival September
  • Rogue Festival March
  • Sudz in the City October
  • Swede Fest November
  • Vintage Days March or April

Sports Edit

Fresno does not have any teams in the major leagues of NFL, Baseball, Football, Basket ball and Hockey but they still have sport teams.

They have some teams in lower divisions which are Fresno Grizzlies, Fuego, Fresno FC and Monsters. Fresno has collage teams for NFL, Baseball, Basketball and Rugby.

There womans teams are Fresno Freeze

They even have a National Bike League.

Government Edit

This is a list of Fresno Government people who where or are currently in office.

President, Board of Trustees Edit

Prior to 1901, Fresno was governed by a board of trustees.

Mayor Edit

† Died in office

City Council Edit

The Fresno City Council is made up of seven members, elected by district:

The City Council meets at Fresno City Hall.

City departments Edit

Fresno has many schools,courts and politics they even have a state representative

Media Edit

Fresno has two newspapers Fresno Bee and Business Journal, and Fresno Magazine.

This is a list of notable people from Fresno List of People from Fresno California.

Army Edit

Fresno has many army corps

63rd Infantry Division (United States) which has 3 units hosted in Fresno

144th Fighter Wing which is there air national guard unit

49th Military Police Brigade (United States) some units in Fresno

plus other squadrons and units.

Sister Cities and Towns Edit

Fresno has eight sister cities Châteaurou, France, Afula-Gilboa, Israel, Vagharshapat, Armenia, Kōchi, Japan, Taishan, China, Torreón, Mexico, Münster, Germany and Verona, Italy.

Since Kochi relationship in 1981 the Fresno Government dedicated a park to them known as Woodward Park (Fresno).

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