November to Remember 1995 was a professional wrestling paper per view (PPV) for Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). This was an live event at Pennsylvania, Philadelphia the commentator for this event was Joey Styles. The attendance was 1,500 on November the 18th.

Match card

  • Don E Allen fought The Broad Street Bully to a no contest (Singles match) 1:16
  • Buh Buh Ray Dudley defeated The Broad Street Bully (singles match) 0:15
  • Konnan defeated Jason Knight (Singles match Taz as ref) 0:15
  • Stevie Richareds defeated El Puerto Riqueño (Singles match) 3:00
  • The Pitbulls defeated The Eliminators (Tag Team) 11:10
  • Rey Mysterio defeted Psicosis (Mexican death match) 11:47
  • The Sandman and 2 Cold Scorpio (c) defeted  The Public Enemy (ECW Tag team championship match) 16:05
  • Bill Alfonso defeated Tod Gordon (Singles match Taz as ref) 7:06
  • Mikey Whipwreck (c) defeated Superstar Steve Austin (ECW heavyweight championship match) 10:39
  • Sabu defeated Hack Meyers (singles match) 12:58
  • Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer defeated Raven and Cactus Jack (tag team match) 13:36

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