Return to Krondor is a fantasy RPG video game it was published by Sierra Entertainment and developed by PyroTechnix, 7th Level and Dynamix. This is the second game in the series as it follows the story line from Betrayal at Krondor released in 1993. The game is also based off of novels written by Raymond E. Feist the game is set in the fantasy word of Midkemia.

Gameplay Edit

The games graphics where outdated for this kind of game but it featured some unique features. Such as Alchemy, Lockpicking, Potions, a variety of ingredients used for different things and a lockpicking mechanisms.

Characters Edit

The game had five main characters which where

James you control James he is a thief

Jazhara a mage from the middle-east

William a krondor guard or more better known as a warrior

Kendaric a mage and a alchemist

Solon is a prist using divine magic

Return to krondor was re-released in 2010 by Good Old Games.

people involved

Sinjin Bain, Chuck Wiggins, Steve AbramsCraig BolinBrian KraackJeff MillsErick Wujcik, Stan BartschGreg BishopDennis BrownGreg DietrichJohn A. Gordos IIIDonald HeathBrian JantzenBill MillerDavid MushabenJeff Ward and Jason W. Conaway.

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