City of Seattle—Seal

Seattle is the biggest city in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest region on North America. Seattle is well known for commercial shipbuilding, Microsoft and Amazon companies. Seattle also has amazing music history of Jazz and alternate rock like Jimi Hendrix.

Seattle has lots of tall building or sky scrapers you can see the list here List of tallest buildings in Seattle.

Seattle is manly white race but also has African Americans, Asians, Hispanic or Latin and Other races.

Seattle has annual events which are an anime convention since 2002. PAX (event) an arcade gaming event. They also have many movie events which are Asian American, Polish, Children, Transgender, Gay and Lesbian and Latino film festivals

Seattle has many famous people you can see the list here List of people from Seattle this contains living, born and died in Seattle

Sports Edit

Seattle is well known for sports they have famous sport teams like Seattle Seahawks in the NFL Seattle Sounders FC in football Seattle Mariners in Baseball they also have a Basketball team and a lower division Football team. They also have female teams 2 hockey teams and two major university teams which are known as Huskies and Redhawks.

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