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Tanarus was a free online 3d tank fps video game which was released on November 30 1997 it was develop by Verant Interactive PyroTechnix and Sony Interactive Studios America. In the game the maps where created by fans which the game allowed you to play up to five players Sony would rotate the maps fairly often to give the players a variate of maps to play on. You could choose from five tanks and customize it how you would like to there where no goals in Tanarus only to destroy the other teams tanks. The platform was PC. There where weapons like missiels and lasers. There where also ranks to determine what kind of players you would verse in online modes.

People involved John Smedley Kevin McCann Clint Worley David Taylor Eric Hagstorm Shawn Baird Bart Rothwell Vince Harron Howard Dortch Richard Sjoberg Jeff Haydorn Daniel MacGibbon Russhal Shanks Rex Baca Chuck Carr and many more.

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