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The Hobbit is a 2003 action-Adventure video game developed by Midway Austin and published by Sierra Entertainment for the Gamecube, Playsation 2 and Xbox. The game was ported over to Microsoft windows by The Fizz Factor and Gameboy advance. The game was based on the 1937 The Hobbit (novel) . And The Hobbit (text adventure) game the same people who worked on Tribes: Aerial Assault worked on this video game.

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The gameplay was manly a Action-Adventure game with platformer and puzzle aspects it is also 3rd person game. You control Bilbo Baggins throughout the game as like many 3rd person games you can jump run and so on. You have to do quests to level up you have only three weapons which are walking stick, stones and a dagger which can be leveled up as well. You also have a health bar which results in how much damage you take the more damage the less health you can regain health by potions, antidotes and food these cost dimands which can be found in your travels. Like many Advanture games you have a plot or storyline the game starts with Gandalf which he invites Bilbo to start quests the first quest you have to deal with trolls at night.

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Jaime Grieves, Chuck Lupher, Bey Bickerton, Artie Rogers, Brandon Paul Salinas, Rand Van Fossen, Rhea Shelley, Michael Fong, Michael McClelland, Paul Haskins, Greg Omelchuck, Luke Gustafson, Carrie Meade, Bradley Marques, Jesse Slate, Tom Heimann and Martin L'Heureux

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