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Tribes Arial Assualt was a game developed by Midway Austin and Sierra Entertainment in 2002 it was a first person shooter or fps. It had a Multiplayer player mode and a single player mode game. It was only released for Playstation 2 or PS2.

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Tribes had several game modes like many fps games the game modes include Capture the flag, Capture and hold, Hunter (gamemode), team deathmatch and deathmatch. Like many other fps games tribes included a HUD system and crosshair jetpack system and an armour system as well. The game is set in the future.

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other studios involved inevitble entertaniment and Vivendi Universal Games

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people involved Bey Bickerton Jaime Grieves Eric Lanz Dave Meddish Cyrus Lum Timothy Steven Clarke Jim Richardson Martin COven Peter Franco Greg Omelchuck Jesse Slate Shane Tarrant John Versluis Marie Marshall J.C. Shakerspeare Sultan Ansari Craig Galley John Nagle Mike Reed Brian Watson Alex P. Cheng Steve Broumley D. Michael Traub Andy Thyssen Thomas Arce and Jean-Paul Cossigny

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