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  • Killerk7

    Hi eveyone before you add anything music related to a category please PM Admin, see the admin page for info on who to contact.

    This will include record labels, bands, genres, albums, songs and anything music related, Admin made the dissition last week that this will happen, it will save time and people making mistakes when adding it to a category.

    First of all send any Discogs links of the artist so example would be see below.

    you can also send us Rateyourmusic links

    we prefer Discogs as Discogs has a larger database while Rateyourmusic has more information and genres avalible.

    We will check youtube for the song or band, and will check releases an…

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  • Killerk7

    Yay i loged on today to check my wikia states and t said STATEWIDE BLOCK. I'm like what why so i easily googled my wikia and found the backdoor entery. Thank goodness i can easily google the website if they statewide block my wikia im screwd xD. And i dont know why like i am the only one out the whole school that evan uses and edits this wiki. Its properbly the computer guys getting all irate of the name of the wiki xD

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  • Killerk7

    holy dam i just googled everything allowed community we where the first result for the first ever time i cant belive it after 50 pages where number 1 usally i have to google everything allowed community wikia to get the page not this time. The yottds of Y2G COME ON BABY!!!! thats what i fell like right no thanks everyone for being here and editing my kind heart and valhalla says thank you by tomorrow more like today later we wont be number 1 but for now i will remeber this great moment

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